Who we are

Many have asked us where EV8Style comes from and the meaning of the brand. We'll tell you right away! 8 is simply a jersey number, the jersey with which the Founder's passion for Futsal was born, the number that accompanied the Founder to enter the professionalism of this “unique” sport. EV the initials of the Founder of

EV8Style.com . The word “style” was added to EV8 during construction because everything arises from the search for a personalized style. The slogan that accompanies the “create your style” brand is exactly the message we want to give, that is, that together with us each of you can create your own style guided by your emotions and your own being to make yourself unique. We will share ideas, thoughts, emotions and beauty together to create with you what best represents and thrills you.

We are a great team!

A group of specialized professionals united thanks to the idea of ​​the Founder where everyone, in his specific sector and in his specialization, brings quality and professionalism so that together with the customer we can create a personalized product of the highest quality standard.

The customer's idea, expression of his emotions and expression of his heart, is put on the work table and developed together to create something unique with him in conjunction with our experience and professionalism.

The team is made up of people who "love" customization, by specialized people who are guided in their work by the passion and great satisfaction that fulfilling the customer's wishes gives.
The satisfied customer is what drives us every day; our "credo" is priceless, the happy and satisfied customer is the result we aim for every day.
Each one is specialized in his sector to be able to customize and create each garment present in our showroom and in the catalog with the highest quality; from the sneaker to the leather jacket to the hat, each garment is made with the utmost care and attention to the smallest detail.

From the choice of the brand to collaborate with, to the processing of the garments, their control and their sale, everyone within the team brings uniqueness to our brand's collections.